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ANOTHER Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) provider in Malaysia is emerging to help malaysian HR and Payroll Industry. HR industry is facing a turnaround where the process is now getting automated and faster then ever before. 
Started in 2016, Kuala Lumpur based friendHRM is owned by Malaysian citizen Rosemawati Binti Nor Mohmed and it's developed with a aim to streamline HR and Payroll Management process with features like online leave management through software, online claim management through software, Payroll Management through software, and much more. 
We spoke to Rosemawati about how the journey was and she explained about the hardships HR professionals face now and days and as a solutions she planned to come out with a software which is easy to use and still covers all important features of HRIS. Right from hiring and approving leave applications, payroll management to retirement, friendHRM HRIS for Malaysia covers all. 
“Through www.friendhrm.com, we are hoping to boost the confidence of staff in their organisation and contribute to a positive, productive environment where employees feel motivated to work in,” Rosemawati told Saveringgit.com on during the phone interview. 


Rose said the online payroll systems will also improve effifiency of SMEs by automating entire payroll process in a secure cloudbased platform. 
The payroll calculation is a big hassle when done manually, so better it's done through Payroll software which is easy to use and affordable in price. FriendHRM currently comes with a free trial of 6 months! This is long enough to understand the software and get used to it before upgrading to a paid version. 
Friendhrm.com also provides leave application management system on its cloud platform.

Paperfree leave management system will save a lot of money involved in buying papers and of cource a lot of space which paper will occupy. 
With friendHRM, employees can easily apply for leaves online and get it approved or rejected online. In case of rejection, there is also reason mentioned for rejection! 

Rosemawati claimed that currently friendHRM is used by more than 1500 companies in Malaysia and target to get 25,000+ users by this year end. 

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